Tallinn Fringe is a multi-genre short performance festival that takes place from August 18 to September 18 in Tallinn, Estonia. The festival comprises a variety of theatre, burlesque, comedy, and music performances from both local and international artists. 

A fringe festival supports emerging and established artists as the curation process is between the venue and the performer. The festival itself does not choose who features in the programme. The shows are diverse regarding the type of art they showcase, from theatre, dance, music, circus, spoken word, visual art, comedy and multi-genre mixes. 

This eclectic event showcases some of the most cutting-edge and innovative performances around. A fringe festival is an experience far outside the mainstream. Here are reasons why you should come to see Tallinn Fringe Festival:

Unique festive atmosphere

Fringe fills venues in Tallinn with more than 40 artists who will create a unique, playful and festive atmosphere in the city. Plus, street performers will fill the Fringe Street programme at the Town Hall Square on August 23-25. 

World-class performers worldwide

The Fringe programme will have more than 200 shows from all over the world – the world famous and revolutionary Tumble Circus from Ireland; Kaytlin Bailey, who delivers a feminist history lecture slash stand-up comedy Whore’s Eye View; ex-jehova Richard Dale will take us through the story of coming out from a Jehovah’s Witnesses religion and his family in the show Awake, Gay and Writing a Play. These are some of the best performers in the world.

A chance to discover Tallinn

Several venues are hosting Tallinn Fringe Festival shows around the city, allowing you to explore the hidden, coolest cultural hotspots in Estonia’s capital city. 

One of the most extensive programmes in Tallinn

Tallinn Fringe Festival will have something for everyone. With hundreds of shows in the programme, you can choose between theatre, burlesque, comedy, music performances, feminist stand-up, magic, poetry, dance and much more! It’s one of Estonia’s largest festivals.

Budget-friendly ticket prices

Performers showcase their shows in different stages of their careers, and many shows are “Pay What You Want”, meaning there is no pre-sale ticket. You can turn up, watch the show and then pay what you want at the end, which makes shows accessible for all budgets and demographics. To get the best deals for ticketed performances, buy your tickets early, as every show will also have a limited amount early-bird discount.

Make new friends

The Tallinn Fringe Festival is an excellent opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. Take advantage of the social opportunities at the festival, as visitors from Sweden, Finland and the Baltics are going to Tallinn, especially to see shows there.

Have fun!

Experience various shows and activities, enjoy yourself and have a great time!

A pro tip from the organisers! 

Be sure to know what shows are happening and when. Most shows are top-rated and tend to sell out quickly. So, booking tickets in advance is best if you have your heart set on seeing a particular show. You can usually buy tickets at the website or by visiting the venue. 

Programme will be release on June 3! Stay tuned.

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