18. August – 18. September 2023

Open call is ongoing

👉 Music, circus, theatre, dance, burlesque, stand-up, improv, spoken word…
👉 All welcome.
👉 No participation or application fees.


So what do I do?

  1. Look at the official venue information below and find the venue(s) that suit your show.
  2. Contact the venue(s) directly with your preferred dates, technical and show info.
    You deal directly with venues to agree on ticketing, finances, rehearsals, technical setup etc.

Venue slots fill up quickly, so in order to have the best chance of getting your preferred show times, contact venues as early as possible to book your show slot.

Official Venues

👉 Aftrwrk aftrwrk.ee
Venue info via email
Contact: tom@biiru.ee
FB @aftrwrkbar
IG @aftrwrk_bar

👉 Kopli Couture
Venue info via email
Contact: kopli.couture@gmail.com
FB @KopliCouture
IG @koplicouture

👉 Põhjala tehas (First Hangar) pohjalatehas.ee
Venue info
Contact: events@pohjalatehas.ee
FB @pohjalatehas
IG @pohjalatehas

👉 Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery 6art.ee
Venue info
Contact: mia.meimer@6art.ee
FB @rataskaevu6art
IG @rataskaevu6art

👉 Terminal terminal.ee
Venue info via email
Contact: richard@terminal.ee
FB @Terminal Records&Bar
IG @terminal_recordsandbar

👉 Uus Laine laine.bar
Venue info via email
Contact: johanna.tenso@gmail.com
FB @uuslaine
IG @laine.club

👉 Bring Your Own Venue

Arrange your own venue and we’ll put it in the program.

Contact info@fringe.ee with links to ticketing and show info.


Tallinn Fringe Festival runs from 18.8-18.9.2023 in multiple venues around Tallinn, Estonia

NO, all performers contact venues directly. See the official venue list and contact venues that suit your show.


It is ongoing, even during the festival. Artists and shows can still join the program during the festival if they can find an available venue to play.

We recommend contacting venues as early as humanly possible.

This unfortunately can happen as venues can get overwhelmed with applications or emails can get missed. We recommend to try contacting again or also contact a different suitable venue. You can still take part in the festival by booking your own venue too.

YES, you have to actively market and advertise your show.
Fringe festivals are the place to practice and get used to the effort needed to get people into your shows
Not sure what this is all about? Then contact info@fringe.ee and we can setup a session to assist you with hints and tips

YES, you can still be part of the festival, just book any other venue in Tallinn and contact info@fringe.ee and we’ll add your show to the program.

YES, contact info@fringe.ee and we can add your show to the program.


YES, contact info@fringe.ee and we’ll explain what is needed to be done. It’s simple, easy and free.

NO, the street program is unfortunately invite-only this year. We do want to open it up to be open-access in the future. This depends on building good relationships with the city first.

NO, the festival won’t be printing festival programs or an artists booklet. All information will be listed online,  fringe.ee


Stay calm and answer the journalist questions in a nice manner. Be sure to mention that you are performing here for the Tallinn Fringe Festival. If they ask you something you do not know about Tallinn Fringe Festival, stay calm and say nicely that you do not know and ask them to contact our media person Liisa Nurmela (liisa.nurmela@fringe.ee, +372 5197 4945)