Tallinn Fringe is in Estonia

Participate by contacting a venue!

18. August – 18. September 2022
Open Call has ended, but still contact venues in case they have open slots.
All events are 100% live.
Music, circus, theatre, dance, burlesque, stand-up, improv, spoken word…
All welcome.

What is Tallinn Fringe?


There is no festival participation fee.
Venue costs, tech, door splits, ticketing are all negotiated and arranged with each venue directly.
All other costs are covered by the artists (travel, accommodation etc.)

If the official venues have no available suitable times then arrange your own venue and you can still be part of the festival.


All performers should apply to venues directly.

Official Venues

👉 Heldeke! heldeke.ee
FB @Heldeke, info@heldeke.ee , Venue info

👉 Miks Mitte
FB @miksmittebar, miksmittebar@gmail.com, IG Venue info

👉 Staapli 3 Art Gallery staapliart.ee
FB @staapli3artgallery,
info@staapliart.eeVenue info

👉 Winkel winkel.ee
FB @ehewinkel, winkel@winkel.ee, Venue info


Bring Your Own Venue

You can also arrange your own venue to perform in and we can put it in the program. Contact info@fringe.ee with links to the ticketing and show info. Boom, done!