Getting around Tallinn


By public transport

Public transport in Tallinn is reliable, affordable and easily accessible. The buses, trams and trolleys can be used to quickly and easily get around the city.

Residents of Tallinn: public transport is free, though you must still scan your green card when getting on.

Visitor: All the information about tickets and the different options is on Visit Tallinn Public Transport info, where you can buy the right tickets for your circumstances. 

By taxi/rideshare

There are many different rideshare and taxi options in Tallinn.
Bolt and Uber are the most popular rideshare providers in Estonia, as are local companies Forus and Tallink Takso.
Their apps are downloadable from the links.

By walking

Yes, it is possible to walk between a lot of the venues, easy peasy! Do check out the venue map though, as the venues are spread all over the city and sometimes walking is the best option, sometimes not.

By scooter

There are two scooter hire companies in Tallinn that locals prefer. We recommend getting both apps so you can find out where the closest scooter is to you at all times.
Tuul which means ”wind” in Estonian is the latest local competitor to Bolt (same app for rideshare), who also offer on-demand scooter hire in Tallinn.

By bike

Tallinn is very-bicycle friendly with many dedicated bike paths and more being built. There are also many places to lock your bike, with more options than just the traditional bike rack. Download the Bikeep app for all the locations citywide.

By car

If you really need to get around Tallinn by car for quick short trips, then hiring a car with an app is the easiest way to go.
Citybee and Bolt Drive (same app as Bolt rideshare) offer you on-demand car hire, where you can start and end your trips in many zones around Tallinn.