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Local hints and tips to help artists have a great Fringe

last updated 13. July 2022


Here are some Fringe friendly accommodation partners for performers.

👉 Economy Hotel
20% off with code: fringe
Book online via this link

👉 Hektor Container Hotel
** Mention that you’re a ”Fringe Performer” and they’ll do the best deal they can **

👉 16€ Hostel
** Mention ”Fringe”, 15% off depending on availability **

👉 Oru Hub Hotel
Discount rate
** Artists offer and details **



Is hugely important and you will have to have a strong promo game to get your shows full. is a useful and easy platform for all your graphic design needs. You can also post to socials from this platform.

Find further info below about how and where to push your promo out.



Contact your venues directly as they have access to a Fringe preferred print supplier for all your postering needs. You will need a print ready .pdf file.



Areas with high foot traffic (Estonian standards) for flyering.
1. Old Town Square
2. Telliskivi Loomelinnak (weekend afternoon/evenings best)
3. Ferry Terminals
4. Baltijaam Market


Social Media

Here is a list of FB groups you should join and post in.
Please remember that you should post in Estonian in Estonian groups to make sure you have the best impact, even if your show is in English.

Here an easy sentence to drop into Estonian FB groups

I’m performing at Tallinn Fringe, come check out my show! = Ma esinen Tallinna Fringil, tule chekka mu showd

Or also ask your venue to help with some quick translations. Don’t use Google Translate, it will most probably not be correct and you’ll come across sounding weird.

To post in Estonian:

To post in English:


Press Release

Sending out press releases is also an important part of a promotion strategy and don’t worry non-Estonian speakers, we’ve sorted the language barrier for you too!

Check this great info on how to write a press release courtesy of Brighton Fringe
Press release example

Contact Triin ( with your ready-to-send press release in English (including pictures and all formatting, see example) and she will translate it into Estonian and send it out to all the Tallinn and national press, tv and radio contacts.

You must have your press release properly formatted and ready to go.  What does that mean? See the example.

Triin is a translator and will translate the press into Estonian, with the same formatting as your original English version.
Cost including translation and send-out, 50€

Estonian performers, if you would like to send the press release yourself to all the press contacts, then go to
Send-out only is 25€ paid through the above site.